Friday, November 21, 2008

Cory Walia and Vimi Joshi's Tips to Look Gorgeous in Minutes

Cory Walia advises not to do the following when in a rush:
It's better to go simple than look like an experiment- don't forget to look at the mirror one last time!

  • Hold the foundation: Foundation is not a mask you can hide behind, and applying it in a hurry will always result in a patchy look. The solution: Mix even quantities of foundation and moisturizer and apply for a smooth, glossy, even skin tone.

  • Forgetting mascara! However much you may be pressed for time, do not forget the mascara. It really opens out the eyes and gives you a more 'awake' look!

  • Skip the lip liner: A lip liner takes a bit of talent and time. If in a hurry, skip it and use the lipstick or better still, lip gloss directly.

  • Switch to gloss: Matte lipsticks take time to apply evenly. Just go for lip gloss.

  • Do not experiment: Hold back that new shade of eye shadow or lipstick or even blush if you are not sure how it will look on you. Stick to tried-tested formulas when in a hurry!

Vimi Joshi, M.A.C Senior Artist, gives tips on makeup in a hurry:
If you are running out of time, here are five things she thinks you should do!
  • Run to the bathroom and wash your face well; and use a makeup remover to get the day off your face.

  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Dab on a cream, body butter, moisturizer, and smooth on till your skin is glossy.

  • Use a kohl pencil and apply mascara for your eyes to really light up!

  • Use a blush from your temples to mid-cheek for a youthful appearance. You may use a darker color on the contours of your cheek to add a more defined look.

  • Lastly, swipe on a glossy lippy, spritz on perfume and step out with confidence!

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