Friday, August 22, 2008

M.A.C Cosmetics India Website Launched

One of the most influential and popular forces in contemporary cosmetics, M∙A∙C Cosmetics announced the official launch of its India website M.A.C Cosmetics India. The website is specially designed for its Indian customers and aims to ensure they have access to and receive the latest information on their favorite products, collections and events in their cities.

M.A.C Cosmetics India
is easy to navigate and possesses a host of interactive features. Customers and fans can register on the website to receive email notifications on the latest news, current collections, available products, new product launches, in-store events and new store openings taking place throughout India. The website also links members directly to the brand's commercial site, M.A.C Cosmetics India, where additional features including detailed product information, beauty trends, worldwide stores locations, tips and advice from M∙A∙C Artists, face charts and looks for the latest collections are available.

"The , M.A.C Cosmetics India site reflects the Indian market trend, which is moving toward an online and tech-savvy age, just as it is globally. Our customers like to know the latest that's happening at M∙A∙C in their city and more importantly, how they can be part of it. With this website we're able to give them that information so they continue to enjoy the M∙A∙C Experience straight away, even from the comfort of their homes or offices." explains Laurent Cathala, M∙A∙C Brand Manager, Middle East & India.
Times of India

My views on the article and website

I think it's wonderful that India has its own M.A.C website. It was about time!! But, that being said, it launched on the 8th of August, and there are tons of features they lack. For instance there are no clickable links or product info whatsoever. Neither are they any tips or face charts the article talks about. I'm thinking that they are still adding features, so I guess we'll have to wait and watch how the site turns out!

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suhanna said...

i wanted to know your oppinion on;
why do u think that all these brands etc.. are in india and not many in pakistan...what is your oppinion...i don't get the public and demands are the same they have just as big a customer base in th cosmopolitan cities.....i woulkd love to hear ur perspective btw love th blog


MakeupByRenRen said...

i think that's great they finally branched out there..i know that it's a huge market for them...hopefully they'll add more features soon

i♥make-up said...


Hopefully Pakistan should get it. I guess they stick to India because most of the film industry has started using M.A.C? I guess that would be my best bet. It really makes me mad that our girls in Pakistan have to rely on someone getting M.A.C for them as opposed to going into a store and picking out stuff that they want.

Hopefully in the near future M.A.C takes that into consideration and opens up a store in Pakistan...


i♥make-up said...

Makeup By Ren Ren,

I agree the market is huge there! Within these past few years they have opened 5 locations! 4 being freestanding and one in a dept store. That is very impressive!

Mukho said...

Hey thanks for posting this, I don't know how I missed the article in TOI. I've been waiting and waiting for MAC to open a new store somewhere in my city, hope this website is a harbinger of good things to come! :)

beauty cosmetics said...

Wow this is great. I love the mac products!! I can purchase the mac products in India!!

i♥make-up said...

@beauty cosmetics You can get them in Mumbai for sure! =)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* da website's not been workign quiet something now... any idea what's wrong?

i♥make-up said...

@Anonymous Not sure. Try writing to them to see why it's not working.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am surprised to see what the official MAC website for India has as content...nothing! I am insulted!
Why is the site at an infancy stage in India when MAC is doing well as a brand here. The volumes must be better than any other country. There is no listing or explanation of products.
I also must mention that I recently purchased a Studio Sculpt foudation and it was from a bad lot that had been recalled. When I went to the store to ask why the foundation did not look/feel right -it was oily splattery...I was told I had to keep shaking the tube till the emulsion became even whereas it was apparent there was something wrong with it. I was also told the foundations in the store were contantly shaken so they felt different...Only when I argued more and told them to do something it as the product was obviously spoilt, did they call the other store and were informed that this lot had been recalled and I was finally given a new foundation.
Shocking! Yes it is.I love MAC products - so I am disappointed at the approach MAC has for India.
Also Delhi MAC aritists need to be trained to understand and help people better with makeup and specially how to use it right!
Would like to really say thanks to Edward and his team at the GVK Mall MAC Store who really live up to the definition of a real Make Up Artist.
Go to Hyderbad if you want a good make up consultation