Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day in The Life of M.A.C Senior Artist Vimi Joshi

Backstage buzz, models and performers scrambling to get ready, make-up artists working at a frenetic pace, TV crews streaming in and out, and tables spilling over with bottles, jars and brushes. Hina Oomer-Ahmed experiences a day in the life of Vimi Joshi, senior make-up artist for M.A.C cosmetics at the recent IIFA awards in Bangkok

At 6 pm, the night of the IIFA Fashion extravaganza, Dubai-based senior make-up artiste, Vimi Joshi’s day has barely just begun. A bundle of high-voltage energy, the reporter asked her how she manages to keep on her feet for so many hours and still look like she could go on for another day. “Pure adrenaline” she answers. M.A.C was the official make-up sponsor of the recently held International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) in Bangkok, and heading this endeavor is no easy job, but Vimi manages to make it look effortless, like it’s all in a day’s work. For the IIFA, she leads an entire team of more than 20 talented make-up artists who have come together from all over the world. The models are still doing technical rehearsals, which means less time for Vimi and the team to get more than 30 models flawlessly made up and ready to hit the ramp. But the team is well briefed and prepared for all the chaos. In the end, all the planning of the previous weeks pays off.
However, the real challenge is the day of the IIFA awards where M.A.C does the make-up for Shiamak Davar’s dance troupe which is going to play an integral part in all the performances. Vimi’s team has to create exclusive backstage make-up for 35 performers and 40 presenters at the IIFA Award ceremony to be held at Siam Niramit. Vimi has a long list of award show credentials and is adept at balancing several inputs at once. Her skills are put to good test as she runs out of interview time and we only get to really talk in the van on the way to the event venue. To add to the madness, she needs to run back to the Dusit Thani Hotel in an hour as Deepika Padukone insists that only Vimi do her make up for the big show.
In the few minutes we have to chat, Vimi and I talk about M.A.C’s presence in India, her experiences working with Indian celebrities and the wonders of M.A.C Studio Fix (a powder-based concealer that can cover up virtually anything).
An avid watcher of make-up trends and preferences in India, Vimi notices that, “of late, Indian women have been opening up to doing make-up more natural as opposed to layered and pancake like. They are also agreeable to using softer shades in lip and eye color.”

Recently, Vimi has been working with many young Bollywood stars. “Much of the younger actresses are experimenting with their looks. Sonam Kapoor and I worked closely to come up with a fresh look for her and the feedback she got for it was incredible.”
How is working in the Indian industry different from working in any other part if the world? “Even though I was fully trained, I had to adapt myself to the climactic conditions and learn new ways to make make-up look good in the heat and humidity,” says Vimi.

“In India, we are also working very hard to create awareness about the importance of skincare, the use of moisturizers and the right products to keep the skin hydrated. Mickey Contractor and I have created two foundation shades especially formulated for Indian skin.” As we reach the venue for the big show, Vimi is back to being the ringleader and getting her team ready for the busy evening ahead. She leaves me with the same first and last impression of her – a bundle of boundless energy.

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prab said...

that sounds intense! there aren't many people that could pull that off. hats off to vimi.
i'm going to a mac master class tonight with mickey contractor.. i'm totally pumped! :D

i♥make-up said...

Hey Prab,

Could you take notes from the class for me?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can you give us a breakdown of Madhuri's sultry makeup in khal nayak? That was madhuri at her best and I would love to see how she got so glamorous

i♥make-up said...


I'll do it as soon as I get some time.

Priya said...

it's nice to know we can use the same exact &fantastic products and i'm also a fan of deepika's application of make up what say?
do u reckon she's evr used or uses mac too and do u think she catually uses maybelline all th time just as she endorses it?

Anonymous said...

will thses two foundation shades be for sale?

Priya said...

can u pleses answer my Q!?

i♥make-up said...


I think she uses Maybelline more since she endorses in it. But, events that M.A.C sponsors like IIFA, as stated in the other article, Vimi Joshi, Senior make-up artist for M.A.C did her make-up so naturally she wore M.A.C that night.

I agree, Deepika's make-up artist does a wonderful job on her.

Katrina said...

"about the importance of skincare, the use of moisturizers and the right products to keep the skin hydrated. Mickey Contractor and I have created two foundation shades"

I don't know too much can u please explain the above; the importance of skincare,moisturisers and products that one should use to keep the skin hydrated??

Also as anon has asked, where are these two shades of foundation available nad how do they differ from th current as M.A.C already does a huge variety of shades in foundation nad concealers of which i use NC 30, so how would this new shade differ; that they have produced?

i♥make-up said...


Moisturizer is essential to apply right before a primer is applied, just like a primer, it is the the base of the foundation. Moisturizer takes care of dryness in the skin by hydrating it, and vice versa it balances the oil if you're oily.

I don't know about the two shades they have created, but my guess is, it's probably a daker shade for desis with dark skin and yellow undertones as opposed to dark skinned Americans, they usually have red undertones.

lia said...

can u tell me how to achieve the thai models look?pls

i♥make-up said...


Apply M.A.C Era Eye Shadow on the lid, M.A.C Swimmming Eye Shadow on the outter v and blend the two real well. To highlight the browbone apply M.A.C Ricepaper Eye Shadow. Apply M.A.C Powder Blush in Margin on the contours of the cheek. The lips are left neutral in the picture.

Eyeliner: M.A.C Blacktrack Fluidline or M.A.C Smolder Eye Kohl

lia said...

how do i decide which of the two liners?_on what bases shld i decide that? Which is more natural


i♥make-up said...

Blacktrack is a gel liner

Smolder is an eye kohl pencil

Whatever u decide whichever is easier for u...

pri said...

pls cld u do a breakdown for the following;

she really seems comfortable in her skin and seems to accentuate wonderflly with natural tones and impeccable blending and techniq.

what wld you say?....also her all over skin tone always seems do i achieve that with the same texture and tone

is her skin NC30 M.A.C wise?

pri said...

above is a pic of the sort of even skin tone and textre i was speaking of pls. check it out and give me your thghts

hearting the bl og ve been reading it avidly for a yr now!

i♥make-up said...


I am extremely busy these days, I'm sorry. I will have to get back to you.

Pri said...

N o w orries,That's fine,
Pls don't forget though


i♥make-up said...


Remind me if I do.

Kiran said...

Hi Prab, Do you know if Mickey Contractor still holds his Make up Master Classes? If so, when and where? I will be very grateful if you can provide myself with the above information. Regards, K.