Monday, July 28, 2008

Bipasha Basu's Peacock Eyes Make-up Breakdown

Bipasha Basu's upcoming movie 'Pankh,' has her sporting Peacock Eyes. After doing some browsing around I found out that Mickey Contractor is her make-up artist for the movie and he used this Halloween face chart for the look. Here's the breakdown for it.

(Click to zoom in)

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nosh said...

I am so going to try this look next halloween with some crazy makeup forever lashes ;)

May Nguyen said...

You are soooo talented. Iwould lovetobe inyourshoes someday.

i♥make-up said...


You should. Let me know how it looks. I think Bipasha looks HOT

i♥make-up said...

May Nguyen,

Thank you so much, that was the ULTIMATE compliment. Thank you

Billigflug Dubai said...

The look is very special. The eyes are great highlighted. In my eyes it´s not only a look for halloween but for other special events, too.

i♥make-up said...

Billigflug Dubai,

I agree, the eyes look stunning, and spectacularly done by Mickey.