Monday, April 14, 2008

Cory Walia on His Favorite Bengali Beauties

"Naturally, there's an adorable, charming princess and a fierce, energetic tigress hidden inside every Bengali girl!" says make-up guru Cory Walia. Cory talks animatedly about the Bengali beauties he enjoys working on that include: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen, and Konkona Sen Sharma. "Their creamy skin, thick, dark hair, almond eyes weave magic around you," he says.

  • Her looks: Her sensitive eyes and broad smile are the best parts of her face. Her eyes light up her face and make it look beautiful, whether she wears make-up or not. Her prominent nose and high cheek-bones need some special attention. Her skin is dusky, but clear. Clear skin is always easy to work with.
  • Make-up mantra: Less is more for Kajol. Light, matte shades and neutral looks suits her dusky skin.
  • Tips: If you have dusky skin, make sure you always use a foundation in the same shade as your skin tone, don't go light. Lip colors in earthy tones look better. Use sparkly or light eye liners carefully, opt for earthy browns, greens, and black. Test them out before purchasing.
  • Recs: M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid; M.A.C Eye Shadows in Bamboo, Soft Brown, and Charcoal Brown; M.A.C Technakohl Liners in Brownborder, Jadeway, and Graphblack

Rani Mukherji
  • Her looks: Her face has the typical Bengali qualities - it's round, with big eyes, a prominent nose, slightly chubby cheeks that give a fuller look. Her hair has a slight wavy texture, which she prefers straightened out.
  • Make-up mantra: If you have Rani's brown eyes, be careful of the shades you wear on your face. For example, all pastel eye shadows won't work with light eyes.
  • Tips: For a round face, you need to focus on a single feature to define it. If you are highlighting eyes, leave the rest of the face alone. If it's your cheeks, keep the rest of the face subtly covered.
  • Recs: M.A.C Eye Shadows in Woodwinked, Mulch, and Espresso

Bipasha Basu
  • Her looks: Her eyes are the most exciting part of her face. They are a perfect almond-shaped, tapering towards her temples. Her high cheek bones and sultry pout add sultriness to her face. Her face is sculpted well. You can do a lot with her face.
  • Make-up mantra: Very sultry, sexy
  • Tips: For a glow on your skin, eat a lot of proteins. Fish and mustard oil in your diet can work wonders for your skin. Apply bronze and gold shimmer powder. Use the shimmer on the apples of your cheeks, nose and forehead for a glamorous look. Lastly, Bipasha's look can't be complete without thick rim of kohl around your eyes. Outline your eyes first and then darken the lines.
  • Recs: M.A.C Iridescent Loose Powder in Golden Bronze; M.A.C Eye Kohl in Smolder

Sushmita Sen
  • Her look: Her look is Hollywood-esque. Her face is thin and a little sallow, but her sharp features make up for it. The best part is her hair. She has silky hair that has a lot of volume.
  • Make-up mantra: If you have an oval, thin face like Sushmita, make sure you stick to subtle make-up. Deeper shades will make your face look thinner and over done.
  • Tips: You will never catch Sushmita in very dark lip colors. Neutral or earthy tones suit her lips. Condition your hair well to maintain the sheen. More so, if your hair is colored or treated. If your eyes are not too big, go easy on kohl. Simply define your eyes with a liner.
  • Recs: M.A.C Lipstick in Taupe and Spirit

Konkona Sen Sharma
  • Her look: It's simple. That sums it. She never wears pretentious shades or loud accessories. Even her make-up adheres to the girl-next-door look. It's always refreshing to look at her.
  • Make-up mantra: For an ever fresh look, keep your face scrubbed clean.
  • Tips: Always take off all your make-up before you sleep. Wear minimal layers of make-up during the day. Nude and glossy lip colors make you look dewy and fresh.
  • Recs: M.A.C Tinted Lipglass in 1N, Underage, Viva Glam 5

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BeautyTalk said...

Yay for Bengalis (I'm one). Can you tell from my photos? :)

i♥make-up said...

Beautytalk, I can tell pretty lady!!! <3

Chitra said...

Lovely post. Hey Need a bit of help. Where do i post my query?

i♥make-up said...
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i♥make-up said...

Chitra, thank you sweetie, u can ask me right here.

The Style Page said...

Hooray for the Bong girls!

I'm not Bengali, just the bahu of Bengal.

i♥make-up said...

The Style Page, awwwwwww ur sooo cute, and I had a feeling you were going to comment on this post!! Hehe. Did u know that Kajol Dad passed away this last week?

The Style Page said...

No, I didn't know that Kajol's father just died. He was also Kishore's nephew.

My husband had a crush on Kajol's mom Tanuja. Tanuja is Marathi, but her spoken Bengali was so perfect (she did Tollywood), many thought that she was Bengali and couldn't believe otherwise.

i♥make-up said...

The Style Page Yup, ur knowledge about Bollywood amazes me!!! Ur awesome lady!

Mukho said...

"...there's an adorable, charming princess and a fierce, energetic tigress hidden inside every Bengali girl!" says make-up guru Cory Walia..."

Just ask my hubby, says I ;) ;)

about the shimmer on cheekbones and forehead, it truly works wonders.. I used it on my wedding day - transformed my face into a real "radiant bride" - talk about bringing cliches to life :)

i♥make-up said...

Awwwwwwwwww Mukho, that is soooo sweet!!!! Ur hubby sounds amazing. Yes and I do agree. U must've made such a gorgeous bride!!!

Chitra said...

Babe, Thanks a tonne. Here is my question - I have round face, wheatish to fair skin tone & big eyes. I use BareMinerals Medium Tan SPF 15 foundation,Smoulder eye kohl & MAC prolong wear nude lipstick(s.Have never tried any bold look with eyeshadows or shimmer powder for cheeks. Any tips at all? what are the other lipsticks shades in MAC that i can try?
Thanks a tonne in advance babe.