Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Product Review: L'Oreal Wear Infinité Eyeshadow Quad in Aishwarya Greens

Aishwarya's Mascara Commerical, but if you look closely
she's wearing Khaki Green from the quad

L'oreal Wear Infinité Eyeshadow Quad in Aishwarya Greens

Size: 4.8 grams

Beigey-nude, creamy off-white, khaki green, bronzey brown

: L'oreal's eye shadows' consistency is great, especially if worn with a primer underneath they last up to 6-8 hours.

Length of Use:
Once since I got it on the 24th of February

Application Process
: Excellent, since it gives you a breakdown where to put each eye shadow. The eye shadows are marked from 1-4. 1 being the lightest and 4 being the darkest shade of the quad. Shade 1 (Beige) is an all over lid color, shade 2 (Cream) is a highlighter for the brow bone, shade 3 (Green) is is for the crease of the eye, shade 4 (Bronze) is to be used an eyeliner.

Make-up artist James Kaliardos recommends following his guide to achieve the best results:

  1. Use a pencil to draw a line along the roots of the lashes.
  2. Apply the darkest shade (shade 4) over the pencil line.
  3. Then apply the lighter colors (shade 1, 2), graduating and shading up towards the brows.
  4. For emphasis, create a slightly darker (shade 3) area at the outer corner of the eyelid.
  5. Place a hint of light color (shade 2) at the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Product Review: Initially L'Oreal came out with Star Secrets Lipsticks, then the eye shadow trios and now the quads. I must say I was very impressed by Aishwarya Beige, I am probably two shades lighter than Aishwarya and her lipstick was perfect for me. But, back to the eye shadows shades 1 and 2 make excellent nude colors, and shades 3 and 4 are buildable, since I have light-brown hazel eyes, I chose the Aishwarya Greens Quad, it did make my eyes pop, in addition to the eye shadows I used M.A.C Technakohl Liner in Jade Way to line my waterline and M.A.C Fluidline in Dipdown on my top lid (smudged) the eye shadows and liners really made my hazel eyes pop. The great thing is that this quad is perfect for people who love their neutrals

Value for money
: $5.99 for four eye shadows.

Quad Picture source: Ebay

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MAC4me said...

Hey dear!!Wow!This post has gotta be for me!(Well, I'd like to think so:))Think of something and sure enough I find it on ur blog.Just last weekend I was torn between Ash beige and Toasted Almonds and left coz I cudn't make up my mind!!Wanted to pick up some fun eye shades for spring and cudn't choose those either.Ain't life hard for us girls??! Yeah right!! ;)
Hope you doing good, girl.Had been on vacation for awhile,missed ur posts..but I made sure I went thru all of 'em.Wht can I say..u have us addicted :)...TC

i♥make-up said...

Aww I missed u!!! Im glad ur back, and yes this post was for you!!! Hehe Grab the quad as soon as possible its limited edition!! Tell me how u like it!! xox

lushdesi said...

ooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST BUY MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm feeling the greens... it works well for my warm skin and brown eyes..... i also love the look of the green with REALLY black mascara!

missing you, girl! waiting to hear your thoughts on my posts!



i♥make-up said...

I totally agree, this is totally a must buy, I love love love it!!! <3<3<3 xoxo