Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shilpa Shetty's Beauty Secrets

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer is her ultimate indulgence
I spend too much on
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I love it. They gave me some on a flight and as soon as I landed I went and bought some more.

Baby oil and coconut oil makes my skin soft and supple
My beauty regime is
Simple. I never use soap on my face, and I always make sure I take my make-up off at night. I use a concoction of Johnson's Baby Oil and Parachute Coconut Oil in equal parts – it’s the best thing for my skin.

Using beetroots on your cheeks? That's a first
My best beauty bargain is
Beetroot! If you want a natural flush, boil some beetroot in the microwave and rub a bit on your cheeks over your moisturizer. It always comes out the right color.

Shilpa is always seen with pink-nude lips
My beauty addiction is
Collecting lipsticks. I’m quite a freak about them. I have the same pink shade in every make, but I can’t stop buying them. I especially love Estée Lauder lipsticks.

Her fragrance, S2 is her baby
My fragrance reminds me of
Happy times. All the notes in S2 are favorites of mine. At its heart it contains jasmine, which reminds me of home, and when I smell it, it instantly takes me back to India. It’s very special to me.

My worst beauty disaster was
wearing bright blue contact lenses and red lipstick. At the same time. I have no idea why I did it – I must have been about 21 and colored lenses had just come in big time. It was a complete disaster.

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Anonymous said...

hey could you pls tell me how does shilpa's nose look small when she does up her make up since her nose is not tht small is thr a certain trick?? I read your comments on pinkvilla (very interesting) if you want you can read it up in a forum on pinkvilla??! thank you once again

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