Monday, November 05, 2007

Ambika Pillai's Make-Up Tips

According to Bollywood make-up artist Ambika Pillai, it’s important to “just do your own thing and go wild”. The make-up moves she recommends:

Soft, smokey eyes accentuated by pale, glossy lips. “Besides the essential charcoal-gray, one can also use shades of midnight-blue, mehndi (henna)-green and even fuchsia to smoke out the eyes,” says Ambika.

• Pile on the glitter. Use eye-shadows in black, grey, blue or aquamarine and top with some sparkle.

Use a shimmery blush in any warm shade like amber or soft pink.

If you’re going strong on the eyes, ease up on the lips, using any soft skin tone shade, finished with generous dabs of gloss. Alternatively, play up the lips in rich burgundy or raisin if you’re going light on the eyes. She also adds, "Don’t follow these rainbow trends blindly. See what works for you and not the airbrushed model pouting from the magazine cover."

The fall-winter shows saw a lot of plum on the mouth with biggies John Galliano and Gucci followed by Rajesh Pratap Singh and Raghavendra Rathore coloring the mouths on the ramp. “The lips go brighter with orange, pink and red,” says Ambika.

For make-up expert Ambika Pillai, winter is the season when nice is out and naughty is in.“You can go really overboard with the tanned look this season to perfectly complement those earth-coloured outfits, which seem to be so much in vogue this season,” says Ambika. For the day look, you can use a cream-based foundation or a translucent powder with light blush over it. For the evening, go for a glossy foundation, add to it a bit of bronze shimmer and you’ll be all set to rock. Also apply a little blush to bring out your cheekbones, suggests Ambika.

For a day look, Ambika suggests a mild version where you can line your eyes with black, brown or blue kohl and apply light-colored eye-shadow. “The real experimentation should be for the evenings. Curl your lashes and apply heavy mascara on them. Use a dark eye-shadow and smoke out the kohl. Apply a little bit of shimmer on your eyelids, just above the eyeballs so that your eyes look nice when you move them,” explains Ambika.

“Winter sees lots of black in our wardrobes and red lips go very well with any black outfit,” says Ambika.

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